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The Future is Wild, A Natural History of the Future

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by Dougal Dixon & John Adams Forward by Stephen Palumbi

An exploration into the way evolution may shape the animals and plants of the world 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years in the future

Written by a team of international scientists, based on biological and evolutionary principles.

Take a walk in a forest anywhere in the world today and you'll see the same basic types of animals and vegetation- birds, mammals and flowering plants. But a forest two hundred million years ago was a very different place. There were no birds. Mammals and flowering plants had only just begun to evolve. Who would have thought that, in the last 200 million years - a mere fraction of the time that life has graced our planet, so many completely new organisms would have evolved and thrived?

So what does evolution have in store for life on Earth over the next 200 million years? What creatures will roam the land or swim in the oceans? The Future is Wild draws on an international team of experts who bring to life a world of amazing organisms, setting them loose in our imaginations. But the rules are strict. The organisms you'll encounter in this book are based on fundamental biological and evolutionary principles. They could, and may yet, exist.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Evolving earth
  • Chapter 2 5 Million Years
  • Chapter 3 100 Million Years
  • Chapter 4 200 Million Years

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